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2018 marks the second year Kroger has joined VOSS Water’s 31 Days to Make a Difference. We recently reached out to Kroger to learn more about the company’s commitment to their community and the environment.

A trusted partner in the hundreds of communities across the country where Kroger’s associates and customers live and work.

Since 2010, Kroger has invested $1.8 billion towards local community impact in the following issue areas:

Zero Hunger Zero Waste
Women’s health
Hiring Veterans and supporting Service Members and their families
– Communities in need following unexpected crises or natural disasters

In addition, Kroger is very proud of its Community Rewards program. It’s an easy way for customers to support local causes and programs that matter most to them. Once an organization enrolls in the program, customers are able to “credit” their purchases at a Kroger store to the charity of their choice. In 2016, the Kroger family of stores donated nearly $51 million to local schools and organizations participating in Community Rewards, providing funding to nearly 145,000 local organizations. To learn more visit http://sustainability.kroger.com/social.html.

Commitment to environmental sustainability.

Kroger is committed to protecting health and the environment. This extends beyond their responsibilities to comply with environmental laws and regulations. Kroger strives to reduce their impact on the environment by using natural resources responsibly and minimizing waste in their operations.

Reducing their carbon footprint is an important pillar in Kroger’s sustainability commitment. They continue to invest in efficient and low-carbon technologies such as wind turbines, rooftop solar systems, photovoltaic solar systems and even turning food waste into renewable power.

To reduce energy use, Kroger’s new stores are designed with many energy-efficient features, including LED lighting, motion sensors, anti-sweat heat controls, distributed refrigeration systems, night-time lighting controls, and more.

In addition, Kroger,

  • Reduced overall electricity consumption in stores by 85%since 2000.
  • Saved more than 1.6 billion kWh since 2000—enough electricity to power more than 119,000 homes for a whole year.
  • Decreased diesel consumption by 5% between 2015 to 2016

To learn more visit http://sustainability.kroger.com/environment.html.

Food and products supply chain.

The importance of “supply chain” is rising among Kroger stakeholders—from customers and associates to investors and NGOs. By “supply chain,” Kroger means the entire food growing and distribution system from farm or ocean to their stores. Beyond price, service, product selection and quality, more and more people care about and want to know how Kroger positively influences the supply chain—from raw materials, ingredients and manufacturing inputs to labor practices and animal welfare. Kroger has programs in place to address many aspects of a complex and dynamic food system. To learn more visit: http://sustainability.kroger.com/supply-chain-our-food-and-products.html

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