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VOSS Facebook Post 31 Days 2014In the 31 days between World Water Day (March 22) and Earth Day (April 22), our friends at VOSS Water will once again draw attention to Voss Foundation and our work providing access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene as a means to enable community-driven development in Sub-Saharan Africa and raise awareness of the ongoing need in that region.

For this fourth annual campaign, VOSS tells the story of one well: Voss Foundation’s clean water project in the rural Liberian community of Little Liberia. This well was funded by last summer’s event at VOSS account Georgica in Long Island, New York. On Facebook and Twitter, VOSS will detail the implementation process from start to finish, following Voss Foundation’s local partner, FACE Africa from Monrovia to Rivercess, through obstacles and triumphs.

Furthermore, as in past years, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, and retail outlets that sell VOSS Water around the world will display signage and other collateral materials educating global consumers about Voss Foundation’s clean water efforts. If you see 31 Days materials, be sure to snap a picture and tag @vossfoundation, @vossworld and #31Days on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!

VOSS Water is proud of its ongoing commitment to the Voss Foundation as part of its Responsibility brand value pillar.

Knut Brundtland founded Voss Foundation in 2008 after a trip to Africa where he saw firsthand the magnitude of the global water crisis.  As then-CEO of VOSS of Norway ASA, producer of one of the purest bottled waters in the world, Mr. Brundtland felt he had a responsibility to provide access to clean drinking water to those in need and raise awareness of their plight.  Though Mr. Brundtland has since passed the baton at VOSS, his successor remains committed to Voss Foundation.

“VOSS water is honored to be associated with the Voss Foundation and its vital work saving and changing lives in Africa. We remain devoted to the mission and are proud to continue our support of the Voss Foundation,” says VOSS Group CEO Jack Belsito.

Voss Foundation is grateful for the generosity of Mr. Brundtland, Mr. Belsito, and the Boards of Directors of Voss water and Voss Foundation. With the help of these visionaries and other partners, Voss Foundation is able to dedicate ourselves to providing access to clean water to rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, and raising awareness of the ongoing need in the region.

Founded by VOSS of Norway ASA as an independent 501(c)(3) public charity, Voss Foundation is housed in donated space within VOSS Water’s offices in New York and Oslo. For more information, see our FAQ’s.

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