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VF_UGA_GFH_orphanage_01Voss Foundation is excited to announce our newest partner, Good Future and Hope. Good Future and Hope (GF&H) supports street children and orphans through the provision of safe, long-term accommodation, sufficient food, basic medical care, and education in Uganda and Myanmar. GF&H’s vision is that every single child, everywhere in the world, has a right to a good future and hope for a safe and fulfilling life, no matter where they are from or into which family he or she was born.

In 2011, founders Hannes and Viera Liebe were inspired to establish GF&H Foundation. They started in Uganda and expanded to Myanmar in 2013. In Uganda, the orphanage is run by their country manager, Christopher Kyobe, who previosuly ran a provisory orphanage out of his home for children with his wife.

VF_UGA_GFH_children_05-groupGF&H’s orphanage in Uganda is located in Nakisunga, which is 32km outside of Kampala, the capital. The orphanage currently has 4 houses that support 45 children. Their goal is to have the facilities to support 350 children and 50 employees.

Later this month, Voss Foundation will begin our first water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) project with Good Future and Hope: the drilling of a borehole connected to a solar-powered water system that will provide clean water to the orphanage and local community. The GF&H orphanage borehole is our first project in Uganda, joining our efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, and Swaziland.

The Founder of Good Future and Hope, Viera Liebe, shared her thoughts on the new partnership and the upcoming project: “The support of the Voss Foundation will be truly life-changing, for both our orphans and the entire village community. We are so excited here, and with Voss Foundation’s help we can now stop the dangerous practice of collecting surface water. We will have a safe, clean water supply but not only for the orphanage, but also for the village. And we will be able to train the entire community of how to manage better sanitation and hygiene. This will have a dramatic impact on the lives of everyone here.”

Check the website for an official project announcement in the upcoming weeks!

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