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Voss Foundation is thrilled to announce our newest project in Ndlinilembi Chiefdom, Swaziland, which has been made possible by a young supporter’s personal giving campaign in support of our partnership with local partners Gone Rural boMake (GRb) and Rosecraft.

This personal giving campaign, which its creator has named “Project Clear Water,” is assisting one of the neediest areas of Swaziland. In rural areas of Swaziland, 69% of the population survives on less than US $1 a day. The lack of a consistent supply of water, coupled with poor sanitation, continue to be two of the major factors that inhibit health, development, food security, and women’s empowerment in the nation.

Thanks to the generosity and dedication of the young boy who created this personal giving campaign, and his friends and family, this project will enhance access to clean water and sanitation facilities for the benefit of approximately 900 people in the Ematfoleni community. The project includes drilling 2 boreholes fitted with hand pumps, constructing 68 ventilated improved pit latrines, and conducting a 4-day sanitation and hygiene workshop. The project will also be establishing water committees trained in proper usage, management, and maintenance to ensure sustainability.

The donor behind the personal giving campaign wishes to remain anonymous, but was happy to explain to us his reasons for supporting this water, sanitation and hygiene project:

“Living in New York, where we have some of the cleanest drinking water in the world, we often take water for granted, and it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without it. Knowing about the shortage of water in parts of the world and about the work of the Voss Foundation to help make clean water more accessible to people in Sub-Saharan Africa, [inspired me] to raise money to build a well in one of these communities where Voss Foundation work.”

GRb is a non-profit that assists women and communities through projects that promote education, health, and female empowerment. Founded in 1974, Rosecraft is an artisan workshop that provides employment for 48 rural Swazi women. Since 2012, Voss Foundation, GRb and Rosecraft have implemented 7 water access points and 285 VIP latrines in the KaNdinda and Egebeni Chiefdoms. We are currently funding another clean water and sanitation project for a neighboring community with the same partners, under VOSS Water’s One Well At A Time campaign.

We are grateful for the support of this donor and his friends and family and encourage everyone to follow the project here, on our website, and through social media!

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