A non-profit organization, based in New York, Nest identifies and collaborates with responsible artisan businesses. The provide customized training and business development programs, that enable each enterprise to become profitable and have a significant social impact. Nest has created a network of existing artisanal workshops with strong leaderships, that are scalable and can transform their communities in one of three ways: by alleviating poverty, empowering women and/or promoting peace. In 2012, Voss Foundation partnered with Nest and two of its artisan groups in Swaziland, Gone Rural boMake and Rosecraft to implement water and sanitation projects for their artisan groups and their surrounding communities.

Gone Rural boMake (GRb) is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by Gone Rural, an international company that produces unique handicrafts using traditional Swazi skills and locally available materials, and generates a sustainable income for over 770 women in rural areas across Swaziland. GRb supports women artisans, their families, and their communities through projects that promote education, health and female empowerment. Rosecraft is an artisan workshop that specializes in fair trade, hand-woven and knitted products made from mohair, cotton, wool and silk. Founded in 1974, Rosecraft provides employment for over 40 rural Swazi women. GRb manages, implements, and monitors Voss Foundation projects while Rosecraft assists with the community sensitization and mobilization.

Since 2012, Voss Foundation has partnered with Nest, Gone Rural boMake, and Rosecraft, funding the construction of seven boreholes and 159 sanitation facilities.

Our Work with Gone Rural boMake, Nest, and Rosecraft