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VF_SWZ_GRb_CDMvisit-CDM+latrine Charlot, visiting one of the VIP latrines built by Voss Foundation partner Gone Rural boMake in Swaziland.

Voss Foundation has created a commemorative fund to honor the memory of our late board member, Charlot Malin, who passed away on March 13, 2017. A dedicated, passionate philanthropist devoted to helping women and their communities around the world, Charlot joined Voss Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2012. During her tenure she initiated Voss Foundation’s annual Women Helping Women San Francisco luncheon, single-handedly building Voss Foundation’s west coast network. She also served as co-chair of the Nominating Committee.


Greg and Charlot Malin meet with members of community on their 2016 visit to Swaziland.

Charlot’s dedication and strong belief in the foundation’s mission to fund access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) as a means to enable community-driven development in Sub-Saharan Africa and raise awareness of the ongoing need in the region, inspired her to constantly strive to bring awareness to the work of Voss Foundation inside and out. To better understand our partnerships and projects, she took her family to Swaziland to visit one of our local partners, Gone Rural boMake.

The Voss Foundation family has been privileged to work with Charlot over the last five years. We know Voss Foundation was just one of many organization’s to which Charlot gave her time and energy. Her compassionate spirit will live on in the lives of all those who she impacted and touched in her lifetime.

Jan Eystein Saeboe, CFO of VOSS Water and a member of Voss Foundation’s Board of Directors said: “Charlot was an exceptional ambassador and a role model for Voss Foundation in her personal involvement and philanthropic commitment to its mission. She was a leader and strong supporter of the Women Helping Women activities in San Francisco, where she encouraged the community to give generously to the Foundation’s WASH projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Because of Charlot, many more African women and children have access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. She provided inspiration to the Foundation and to the VOSS family in the way she carried out her life. She embodied Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote on success in that she laughed wholeheartedly, won the respect of intelligent people, and left the world a bit better, whether by healthy children or community water points; ‘to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.’ She will be missed.”

The Charlot D. Malin Commemorative Fund will be used to further Charlot’s vision for Voss Foundation and honor her spirit of kindness, devotion, and generosity. The fund will support water and sanitation projects in Swaziland and the expansion of Voss Foundation’s programmatic initiatives across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Voss Foundation will also dedicate the funds from this year’s Women Helping Women San Francisco luncheon, as well as the upcoming Hamptons and New York luncheons, to Charlot’s memory and legacy.


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