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Construction of the sanitation infrastructure for the Good Future & Hope Primary School in Uganda is almost complete. Viera Liebe, the founder, recently sent new photos progress on the toilets and septic tanks, part of our multi-year project to meet the water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure needs for the school.

Our Lene Maria for Rent Vann campaign, in memory of Lene Maria Bergum, funded the septic tank and piping.  The borehole that will provide water to the school facilities, as well as the toilets, are being funded by our Give A Drop campaign with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite and Jewel’s Project Clean Water.

According to Viera, the two septic tanks were complete and the pipes that will connect the toilets to the septic tank are in place. They still need to add concrete pillars and beams in the middle of each septic tank to meet the building standards of the district. The exterior for the building that houses the restrooms is complete. The next step is to add the roof, which will arrive next week, and then complete the floors and install the hardware, like sinks and toilets. All the plumbing materials were already purchased, and are in the store rooms, as seen in the photos.

Having toilets onsite at schools, something not many schools in rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa have, will attract more students and teachers, improve performance, attendance, retention of students,  especially girls. The school will educate the former street children of the orphanage and children from the community.

Being able to meet Good Future & Hope School and Orphanage’s water, sanitation, and hygiene needs and positively impact development outcomes, is an excellent example of Voss Foundation’s Ripple Effect in action.

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