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It may be cold and snowy at Voss Foundation’s offices in Oslo and New York, but flowers are in bloom at the Georges Malaika School for Girls in Kalebuka, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, thanks to our water project!

The well that Voss Foundation funded in 2010 through our Women Helping Women campaign to serve the GMF School, the first girls school in the region, serves all aspects of the school: drinking water stations, sinks, toilets, the kitchen, the health center and the gardens where the students grow flowers, fruits and vegetables.

As you can see above, in the photo we received last week from our partners on the ground, Georges Malaika Foundation, the gardens are in bloom, proving that the school’s water system continues to function nearly five years after it was installed!

Even small updates like this photo from our partners are important to us, as they demonstrate consistent monitoring of our projects and their sustainability. It is this commitment to ongoing follow-up of which we are especially proud.

The school’s water system is the first of the four clean water projects Voss Foundation has funded in this community. In 2011 we opened a well outside the school for the community, a project funded by our Give A Drop campaign with Virgin Unite and Jewel’s Project Clean Water. In 2014, our Women Helping Women campaign responded to the population grown and resulting increased water needs with two more wells for the Kalebuka community, co-funded by Jewel’s Project Clean Water through the Give A Drop campaign.

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