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Ida Says:


In 2001 I studied abroad in Kenya for a semester. It was a transforming experience for me to say the least. Spending three months in Kenya gave me a deep appreciation for everything that I have here at home.Even though it’s been over 12 years, (eek) I still recognize how lucky I am every time I turn on a light or turn on a faucet. I saw first-hand how an entire day can revolve around going to a water source, collecting water, and carrying the heavy jugs back home.There are so many things that I would like people to know about the importance of clean and close water sources. Water truly is THE basic necessity. I think the ripple effect is a great illustration of the importance of clean water. I also think it’s important for people to know that diarrheal disease is the number one killer of children in the developing world.

For a long time I have wanted to do something to alleviate this burden. When Bjorn and I got engaged I knew right away that I wanted to register with [Voss Foundation to fund a]clean water project. Bjorn loves the outdoors and is passionate about water issues here at home. He values this resource, and also wants to help secure clean water for those who don’t have it.


I first learned about the Voss Foundation 1.5 years ago while volunteering at a Women Helping Women event. I was impressed with all the work Voss Foundation has done so far. I also liked the focus on women, and how water issues disproportionately affect them. Having met some of the Voss Foundation staff I know that a donation to this organization will be put to good use and make a real difference.

Bjorn Says:

Growing up in California in the late 1980s during one of the state’s biggest droughts, I was raised to conserve water.  Whether it was living in Arcata, CA where the average rainfall is over 40 inches per year or experiencing an above normal rainfall here in the Bay Area, I’ve never failed to understand the most precious resource.

After meeting Ida and hearing of her experiences in Kenya, I was happy that she appreciates the same values that I do when it comes to these issues.

When Ida introduced me to the Voss Foundation, I was extremely eager to help in any way I could with a good clean water project.

Thank you so much for your support!


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Just like a drop of water in a bucket, access to clean water creates a ripple effect in a community. In our first five years, Voss Foundation water projects have facilitated access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene for over 100,000 people in communities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Your individual contribution adds another ripple, building on our progress to help even more people! See how your donation to Ida and Bjorn’s Wedding Well goes way beyond clean water to bring positive change to a community through our Ripple Effect.