Voss Foundation knows that we cannot solve the water crisis alone.

That’s why we take such a steady and deliberate approach to our work. Because every well we dig or rehabilitate helps hundreds or thousands of people.

Every baby that doesn’t die of a water-borne illness, every girl who can go to school because she no longer needs to help her mother carry water, every woman who now has the time to earn an income and gain respect and power in her family and community, represents the beginnings of a change. The change that comes when people have facilitated access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.

And all of those water projects have been funded by people and companies, which are made up of more people. Every bit — every drop — helps. That’s why we take a grassroots approach with campaigns like Give A Drop and Women Helping Women that recognize the collective power of individuals. Our water, sanitation, and hygiene projects are only built when someone decides to take action.

Our President and Founder, Knut Brundtland, was inspired to create the Voss Foundation by this very feeling of individual responsibility:

I was thinking, somebody needs to do something to help these people to get access to clean drinking water… Why not me? It should be me, actually!

And why not you? The only chance we have to help the over 300 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa who lack access to clean water is if we work together.

It starts with a drop. It starts with you.

Learn more about the Ripple Effect of your donations here.