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Q&A with Katie Karp

Katie Karp

What inspired you to start your own fundraising campaign?  Is there anyone you would like to dedicate it to, or any special event that motivated you?

I was inspired to start my own fundraising campaign when I saw the Voss Pure Intentions presentation at the Voss Water of Norway global conference.  I got to see how providing a well can improve the lifestyle of so many individuals in a community. I would like to dedicate this well to all those that have suffered from the lack of having clean drinking water readily available.  I hope we can do our part to improve this issue so others do not have to suffer.

Why water?

Water is the most essential resource, and is the basis of all human life. Children should have the ability to go to school and advance their education, not spending time walking miles to collect safe water. People shouldn’t have to worry if their water has been contaminated, or if they might become ill by consuming something they need to live.

What do you feel is the most important message to share with others about the need for access to clean water in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Georges Malaika, 2011

People need clean drinking water to live. There are so many wonderful charities and fundraisers to help diseases, provide food, clothes, shoes, shelter, and so on, that I support – but before we tackle those issues, we must make sure people have access to clean water. It’s the ripple effect that Voss Foundation talks about. Once we know people are not dying from water-borne illnesses and can wash their hands, grow and prepare clean food, practice medicine safely, and are not spending all their time carrying water, then we can focus on helping them in all these other important areas. I just believe water is the first step.

How and when did you first learn of Voss Foundation?  And what appeals to you about Voss Foundation?

When I started working for Voss Water I learned about the Voss Foundation.  Although I did not learn the depths of the foundation until I attended our company’s global conference in 2013.  The Voss Foundation is not only appealing to me due to the fact that we are providing a clean essential resource to individuals, but this foundation helps to save lives and it also enriches those lives it has helped save.

What do you hope to accomplish through your campaign?

I hope to raise enough money to build at least one well for a community in need.  I would love if we raised enough money to build multiple wells.

Your investment in Katie’s Wishing Well…

  • The WHO estimates that investment in clean water yields an additional 272 million school attendance days per year.
  • Health care savings of US $7 billion for health agencies and US $340 million for individuals
  • Decrease instances of drought, the primary cause of food shortages in developing countries which has caused more deaths in the past 100 years than any other natural disaster
  • Eliminate many risks for women that result from lack of access to clean water, such as sexual assault and illnesses from carrying heavy loads over extended distances including developmental deformities, arthritis, and miscarriage