How we are involved with the Voss Foundation

Kim has been on the committee for Women Helping Women, New York City, for the last 2 years. Her video production business, Castle Court Images, has helped edit and produce videos for Voss Foundation to show at Women Helping Women events, on Facebook & Twitter and on Voss Foundation’s website (you can view them in the sidebar on the right!) To prepare for editing these videos, she watched several hours of video footage and interviews of Voss Foundation water projects, read the statistics and looked through thousands of photos. Through this research, she learned of the need for clean drinking water and sanitation facilities in rural Sub-Saharan Africa. She also learned what Voss Foundation has done to help, through their water projects and by raising awareness on a global level.

Tenny worked with VOSS Water last year and heard about Voss Foundation from them. He really enjoyed working with the VOSS team, and after learning of the amazing work that Voss Foundation does, he wanted to become more involved. Tenny joined the Voss Foundation Board in January, 2013.

Ripple Effect

The idea that people do not have access to clean drinking water is devastating. Innocent children die every single day because they didn’t have a sink and soap to wash their hands, or they drank water that was contaminated with disease. We are so lucky. We don’t wake up everyday worrying if our family will have clean water today…if our daughters will be able to go to school…or if our kids will even survive from the one thing we all need to keep us alive: water.

As Voss Foundaton says, “It starts with a drop…” Building just 1 well and 1 latrine creates a ripple effect in a community. Women can succeed financially, children stay in school, and communities not only survive but they thrive. Tenny and I are just 2 people, but hopefully our support, by spreading awareness about the need for clean water in rural Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as what Voss Foundation is doing to help – will help bring clean water to another community. One person at a time, one community at a time – if we can make one child’s life healthier, one women’s life safer, one parent’s life free of anxiety that their child will survive and be educated – to me, this is success!

Each of Voss Foundation’s water projects – from Kenya to Ethiopia, Mali, Liberia, Congo, and the latest now in Swaziland – not only brings clean drinking water, toilets and hand washing stations into these rural Sub-Saharan African communities, but they also bring health, education, economic growth and collaboration. Voss Foundation water projects allow women to focus on work and economic prosperity, instead of spending their days walking to get water many miles away. They foster safer pregnancies. They help children stay in school – instead of having to leave for hours to fetch clean water. They help young girls stay in school and not have to worry that there are no toilets; as they mature they do not have to fear being raped on their walking trips to fetch water. They help mothers not worry that their children, husbands or communities will suffer from disease – just because they drank contaminated water. Most importantly, Voss Foundation’s water projects have brought dignity to each of these individuals. I am honored to have helped Voss Foundation put these videos together, and I hope they help to tell the story and spread the word by raising awareness, so more people become involved with Voss Foundation and its efforts.

Thank you for your support!

XO Kim & Tenny

Water is not a basic necessity, it is a human right. Without water there is no life.  – Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General