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Over two hundred people in Kpor Town, Liberia gained access to water and sanitation thanks to the Lene Maria for Rent Vann (or, Lene Maria for Clean Water, in English) campaign in memory of Lene Maria Bergum. The project, one of fourteen Voss Foundation has funded in Liberia with implementing partner FACE Africa since 2011, and the first in Margibi County, included the construction of a hand-dug well fitted with a manual hand pump, two latrines, and two hand washing stations. FACE Africa also trained a water management committee, and conducted a community-wide hygiene sensitization. Click on the image to read the final report.

FACE AfricaPrior to the implementation of our project, Kpor Town residents got water from an often-contaminated creek; during the height of the dry season there wasn’t access to water for days. The residents approached FACE Africa while they were working on another project in the area, and requested an assessment.  FACE Africa discovered that Kpor Town’s needs were urgent indeed. The lack of water security presented a multitude of developmental disabilities to the community.

The well site was specifically chosen by the residents and technicians to ensure the highest degree of water security year round. Latrines and handwashing station locations were also chosen thoughtfully, in order to adhere to specific cultural practices.


According to FACE Africa Program Manager Emmett Wilson, “[Kpor Town], was [the] best project so far in terms of community participation… Residents [provided] labor like mixing concrete, pulling dirt out of the well, collecting water, bringing materials like sand and crush rock to the project site, and observing the work been done. The town’s residents even cut logs from the bush to recondition the main bridge that leads into the town, [which] enabled the truck to transport material and man power for the project.” 

To read the final report of for the Kpor Town Project, and to see the budget, click the report cover image.

Voss Foundation is so grateful to the Bergum family and all the Lene Maria for Rent Vann supporters. The Kpor Town clean water project is the fourth project funded by the Lene Maria for Rent Vann campaign, and the second in Liberia. Their first project in Rivercess funded water systems in five communities – Cestos City, James Town, Mendeh, Sengbloh, and Toby Town. The campaign’s second project in Kenya, the construction of a solar powered water system and the educational facilities at Milgis School in the community of Ilgwe Eldome, is currently underway.

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