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We recently received a great report on the opening of the Latakwen project. Helen, our friend at Milgis Trust, Voss Foundation’s on-the-ground NGO partner in Samburuland, Kenya, writes:

“The Latakwen water project opening WAS FANTASTIC!! In fact unbelievable… The enthusiasm was just great… I think the leaders of Latakwen proclaimed a Holiday in [honor]of having water that is drinkable piped to the center!! The community donated 6 goats, rice, sugar for the party! The women were all dressed up to the nines, all the school children all looked amazing, the singing and dancing was just unbelievable… They are so so so grateful, from the bottom of their hearts!!”


A photo Helen sent earlier, of building the walls of the well:

Villagers blessing the well:

The water kiosk in the center of town:

Latakwen villagers getting their water from the kiosk:

Helen posted much more, along with additional photos, on Milgis Trust’s own blog. The Voss Foundation thanks Helen, Pete, and everyone who helped Milgis Trust work with us on this project.

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