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Målet om å samle inn 300.000 kroner for å sikre Masiketa i Kenya rent drikkevann er nådd! Nå er familien Bergum i gang med et nytt vannprosjek i Liberia.
En stor takk til alle som har bidratt med store og små summer, sammen har vi greid å finansiere et meningsfullt og flott minnesmerke over Lene Maria som vil fungere som inspirasjon for mange og være til daglig glede for tusenvis av mennesker i årene som kommer. Vi opplever et veldig stort engasjement, og vi kan ikke gi oss nå. Derfor har vi valgt å fortsette arbeidet. Nå skal vi samle inn penger til et brønnprosjekt i Liberia, sier Tove Bergum.
“Lene Maria for Clean Water” reaches goal!
The Lene Maria for Clean Water campaign has reached its goal of raising 300,000 NOK ($60,000)  to fund a Voss Foundation clean water project in Kenya! The Bergum family has also decided to continue raising funds to build a second clean water project in Liberia. “We are seeing a very large commitment, and we can not give up now. Therefore, we have chosen to continue working. Now we raise money for a well project in Liberia,” says Tove Bergum. Voss Foundation would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has donated. Together you have managed to finance a meaningful and wonderful memorial to Lene Maria that will serve as an inspiration to many, and provide a daily benefit to thousands of people for years to come.

View of Masikita from proposed site of the future water tank

Voss Foundation worked with our partner in Kenya, Milgis Trust, to identify the best site for the Lene Maria clean water project, choosing the small village of Masikita in the Samburu region.

What we propose here is that they already have a very good borehole, but with a very poor water system.  In fact [it is] virtually obsolete [due to lack of maintenance— sadly, a very common problem in Africa, where only 7% of aid goes to maintaining existing services]. They have a very old Diesel pump, that [only] sometimes brings water up the pipeline…so it’s incredibly erratic [and has been a] problem for a long time.  We believe a proper Voss Foundation project to sustain the livelihood of this very dynamic community would be fantastic! -Helen, founder of Milgis Trust

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