Home · Blog · Lene Maria for Rent Vann : Lene Maria for Rent Vann garners tremendous public support in Norway!

We remain humbled and grateful for the overwhelming public support the Lene Maria for Clean Water campaign continues to receive in Norway!

Almost every week there is an innovative new way for community members to come together and help people in Sub-Saharan Africa improve their own lives with access to clean water – contributing to the Ripple Effect such access provides!

This spring, for example, people have asked for donations instead of birthday or wedding presents, and the local flea market in Namsos is dedicating profits to Lene Maria for Rent Vann – just to name a few of the creative efforts in progress!

For the most up-to-date news and events, please visit the Lene Maria for Rent Vann website or Facebook page.

Since its inception, Lene Maria for Rent Vann has raised more than $130,000 and funded water projects in seven communities in Kenya and Liberia!

Many people have started their own campaigns or projects to support Voss Foundation clean water initiatives – we appreciate and admire their spirit of giving, and hope you find them inspiring as well!

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