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We thank all of our supporters who have expressed concern about Voss Foundation’s partners and projects in Liberia in the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa. We spoke to our partner FACE Africa today and they confirm that all staff and consultants are healthy so far.

As the only NGO currently working in rural Rivercess County, which has not had any reported cases, local government has looked to FACE Africa for help to keep the population Ebola-free. The organization’s Founder and CEO, Voss Foundation’s 2011 Women Helping Women honoree, Saran Kaba Jones, said they “will focus on prevention measures and hygiene practices, and distribute items like chlorine, hand sanitizers, and awareness flyers from the Ministry of Health.”

We will continue to keep you posted as we learn more, and thank you again for your outreach.

The photo above was taken by Braden Summers on Voss Foundation’s 2012 trip to Rivercess County.

UPDATE: Since we wrote this article, FACE Africa has sent an email detailing its efforts.

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