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Our beneficiary, Ntombi Mngomezulu, is one of many talented artisans who work for Gone Rural.  Gone Rural, Voss Foundation’s partner in Swaziland, is a wonderful group that empowers female artisans.  In addition to selling their unique handiwork, Gone Rural and their non-profit arm, Gone Rural boMake, together provide other essential services to the artisans and their communities.  Areas of interest include clean water, food security, and education.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-06-at-12.17.28-PMWorking as an artisan enables Ntombi to earn her own livelihood. She has been working with the Gone Rural community Lavumisa for 20 years, and makes enough to care for her entire family.  Lavumisa gained access to water through Voss Foundation’s Women Helping Women campaign.  In Ntombi’s words,

Water has been a great improvement to us and our community. It has helped a lot and we are happy…Please continue with what you do because it helps a lot of people in Swaziland. We appreciate everything and we pray that God gives you and your families more.

Voss Foundation and our partners Gone Rural boMake, Rosecraft, and Nest are working to enable female empowerment and sustainable development. When women like Ntombi have access to clean water, they can dedicate their time to income-generating activities instead of collecting water.  Furthermore, the ability to control one’s on finances is incredibly important to overcoming gender-based traditions and improving economic circumstances.

Access to essential services like clean water are the fountainhead of development, and Voss Foundation projects create a ripple effect in the communities they serve. We recently led a panel discussion in New York with Gone Rural on the importance of providing women with the chance to create their own opportunities at the Artisan Summit with Nest.

Learn more about our work in Swaziland and the connection between women and water.


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