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It’s been less than a year since the completion of our second Women Helping Women project, but access to clean water has already had an incredible impact on the Ndonyo Nasipa community. The community’s women and girls, who were burdened daily with the task of carrying water, have especially benefited from the new well. The distance to the nearest water source has reduced from as many as 4 kilometers to less than 1 kilometer, and women now spend less than 15 minutes collecting water! According to a representative from our local partner, Milgis Trust,

“The risk of drowning when the Seiya lugga floods, muscoloskeletal problems associated with heavy loads, water-borne diseases and the greater chance of contracting malaria are no longer facing this group.”

The community hopes that the local government will construct a healthcare center in Ndonyo Nasipa, as they have in [intlink id=”2462″ type=”post”]Swari[/intlink], now that there is clean water.

Thank you to all our Women Helping Women donors who made this project possible!

Read the final report to learn more about all the ways our water project is helping the Ndonyo Nasipa community grow.

Click the image to read the final project report.

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