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Voss Foundation is pleased to announce our third project in Liberia in collaboration with FACE Africa! Rivercess is also the third project funded by Lene Maria for Rent Vann, an incredible grassroots campaign in Norway, started by the Bergum family. dscn4296This project will provide access to clean water and sanitation to approximately 3,500 people in five different communities in Rivercess County, Liberia. The five water access points are planned for two health centers, two community centers, and one school, and each will benefit the surrounding community as well. With this project, Voss Foundation is proud to be the first sponsor of FACE Africa’s “County by County” initiative, the goal of which is to provide complete water coverage to every county in Liberia, starting in Rivercess. Rivercess is one of the poorest and most isolated counties in the country. Its infrastructure was devastated by the decade-long civil war; with many water systems completely destroyed. Most residents rely on contaminated creeks for their household water needs. Only 25% have access to clean water.

rscn4344FACE Africa and the entire River Cess County are so tremendously grateful for the support [of Lene Maria for Rent Vann]! Because of them, close to 3,500 people will indirectly benefit from this project…I’ve just met with the Governor of the County and he sends his gratitude and sincere thanks to the Bergum Family. He’s also extending an invitation for them to visit Liberia and River Cess so that they can see firsthand the impact their support has made! -Saran Kaba Jones, Founder and Executive Director, FACE Africa

Click here to read the full project description. View more photos here!

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