Win an all-expense-paid adventure for two to visit and dedicate a new
Voss Foundation water project in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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A Message from Voss Water on #OneWellAtATime:

Voss Water of Norway has celebrated our association with Voss Foundation between World Water Day (March 22nd) and Earth Day (April 22nd) through our 31 Days to Make a Difference Campaign for the past five years.

To further our commitment in 2015, we are proud to launch #OneWellAtATime, a program honoring the work of our friends at Voss Foundation.

#OneWellAtATime will give participants the opportunity to share their understanding, vision and passion on the important issue of water scarcity, which is affecting roughly 325 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

There will be one program awardee, who will win an all-expense-paid adventure for two to Sub-Saharan Africa to visit and dedicate a new Voss Foundation water project!

The Grand Prize

An all-expense-paid adventure for two to visit and dedicate a new Voss Foundation water project in Sub-Saharan Africa!

The Kingdom of Swaziland

  • Explore: Dedicate a new Voss Foundation water project in the Ndlinilembi Chiefdom. While there, you will have the unique opportunity to meet local partners, community members and learn about their culture and traditions.

South Africa

  • Explore: Spend the days touring the sights, learning about the local culture and enjoying the safari.

Included in trip:

  • Round Trip Air Transportation
  • Ground Transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Guided Tours
  • Lunches and Dinners

Learn more about the #OneWellAtATime Project

How to Enter


Bring to life the issue of water scarcity in Sub-Saharan Africa and how

having access to clean water will positively affect the daily and long-term

lives of the people living in these communities.

Entry Methods:

There are three (3) choices for entering. Please note, all submissions must be in English.

      1. An original or rights free stock photo with an accompanying paragraph between 50- 200 words.
      2. An original video up to 3 minutes in length.
      3. A Be Inspired fact with an accompanying paragraph between 50-200 words.

Be Inspired

This section presents to you important water facts and highlights the work of Voss Foundation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Tap the images to learn more!

Fact: In some Sub-Saharan African communities, women and children walk as far as 10 miles each day and carry up to 40 pounds on their heads and backs when collecting water, that may not even be clean.

(Source: International Museum of Women, 2012; The Water & Sanitation Crisis: , 2015)

Photo Credit: FACE Africa 

Fact: In just one day, women and children spend 140 million hours collecting water. That’s enough time to build the Empire State Building 20 times.

(Source: World Health Organization and UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program, 2014)

Photo Credit: Braden Summers

Fact: 748 million people lack access to clean water and 325 million are in Sub-Saharan Africa. That’s more than the entire population of the United States in 2014.

(Source: WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program, 2014; World Bank, 2015)

Photo Credit: Voss Foundation

Fact: People in regions where clean water is not readily accessible use about five liters of water a day. That’s one tenth of the average daily amount used in developed countries to flush toilets.

(Source: UNDP. Human Development Report 2006. Beyond Scarcity: Power, poverty and the global water crisis)

Photo Credit: Voss Foundation

Fact: The average American taking a 5-minute shower (approximately 10-15 gallons of water) uses more water than the average person in a developing country uses in one entire day.

(Source: UNDP. Human Development Report 2006. Beyond Scarcity: Power, poverty and the global water crisis)

Photo Credit: Shutter Stock

Fact: Since 2008, Voss Foundation has built 89 clean water access points and 299 sanitation facilities in 7 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Photo Credit: Voss Foundation

Fact: Voss Foundation has worked with Nest, Rosecraft and Gone Rural boMake to install 5 clean water projects and 285 latrines in Swaziland. The #OneWellAtATime project will fund for an additional clean water project and 68 latrines.

Photo Credit: Voss Foundation

Fact: Drought is one of the most common causes of food shortages in the world.* Voss Foundation worked with partners AED, Sahel Eco and Caritas to build eight clean water projects in the villages of Kanikombole and Pel to provide additional access to irrigate two community gardens in Mali.

(*Source: World Food Program)

Photo Credit: Voss Foundation 

Fact: Voss Foundation worked with FACE Africa to build 14 clean water access points and 10 sanitation facilities in 11 different communities in Liberia.

Photo Credit: FACE Africa

Fact: In Kenya , Voss Foundation and Milgis Trust’s solar-powered water projects provide approximately 51 million liters of water every year to ten communities in the Samburu region.

Photo Credit: Voss Foundation

Fact: In Ethiopia , Voss Foundation has built 10 clean water projects in local communities with CHF International, and A Glimmer of Hope.

Photo Credit:

Voss Foundation has constructed four clean water projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 51% of the country’s population lack access to clean water – one at the Georges Malaika School for Girls and three for the surrounding community of Kalebuka.

Photo Credit: Georges Malakia Foundation

Judges & Judging Criteria

All entries will be judged in the following manner: 25% on Originality, 25% on Innovation, 25% on Vision, 25% on Passion

Featured Judge:

Jewel 275x275




Jewel is an acclaimed American singer, songwriter, actress, poet and philanthropist. Near and dear to her heart is her charitable initiative, Project Clean Water, which aims to bring clean water to those in need around the world. Since 2009, Project Clean Water and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin United have partnered with Voss Foundation on the “Give A Drop” campaign, changing the lives of thousands.

The three-time Grammy nominee has also seen tremendous success in the music industry, selling over 27 million albums and seeing her debut country album, Perfectly Clear, garner the #1 spot on the Billboard country album charts.

Follow Jewel on Twitter at @Jeweljk.

Judging Committee:

Kara Gerson

Executive Director Voss Foundation

As Executive Director of Voss Foundation, Kara Gerson works to provide access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene as a means to enable community-driven development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Originating her role, she has led the organization from its offices in Oslo and New York to change the lives of countless men, women, and children. She is often profiled and quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Financial Times’ How to Spend It, and USA Today. In 2013, she received Applause Africa’s African Diaspora Award for being a Friend of Africa.

Follow Kara on Twitter at @karagerson.

Saran Kaba Jones

Founder & CEO Face Africa

Saran Kaba Jones is the Founder and CEO of FACE Africa, a community development organization working to build and strengthen water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure and services in remote communities across sub-Saharan Africa. Since launching FACE Africa in January 2009, the organization has raised over half a million dollars for WASH projects in Liberia. Saran is a Board Member of the UN Women Civil Society Advisory Group West/Center Africa and a 2013 World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

Follow Saran on Twitter at @sarankjones.

David Hessekiel

David Hessekiel

President Cause Marketing Forum

David Hessekiel was a journalist and marketing executive before forming the Cause Marketing Forum, which focuses on the intersection of commerce and cause. His insights into these emerging fields have made him a sought-after speaker globally and a frequently quoted source for The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and In addition, he co-authored the book Good Works! and believes that companies can do well by doing good.

Follow David on Twitter at @DaveCause.

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