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By providing clean water in Pel, Mali, we have doubled women’s average income!

Thanks to the five wells we are rehabilitating in the village, women no longer spend their days searching for clean water. They can devote more time to growing healthy and inexpensive food for their families and generating their own incomes…by selling the produce. To support the women and ensure water is used responsibly, we installed an irrigation system in the Women’s Association garden.

  • Before irrigation, almost 30% of the land was undeveloped, only 60 women could farm, and the average cash income was around 20,000 CFA.
  • After irrigation, up to 100 women can farm, with an average cash income of between 35,000 and 50,000 CFA.

Below you can see what the garden used to look like, before the irrigation system was installed.

See what a little clean water can do?

The Pel project is funded by all of you who Give A Drop through our partnership with Virgin Unite and Jewel’s Project Clean Water.

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