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Picture of last week’s ceremony taken by Gone Rural Swaziland


This year, Voss Foundation completed a water and sanitation project in the KaNdinda Chiefdom in Swaziland with the generous support of our Women Helping Women 2012 donors. This project benefits approximately 6,300 people and to combat the water, sanitation, and hygiene challenges faced by the female artisans affiliated with Gone Rural and Rosecraft, two of out partner organizations. These organizations work towards empowering women and alleviating poverty through fair trade. Because of the ripple effect access to clean water and sanitation has on the economy, the absence of either can impedes these organizations’ objectives. In fact, the overall economic loss in Africa alone due to lack of access to safe water and basic sanitation is estimated at $28.4 billion a year, or around 5% of GDP.




Picture courtesy of Gone Rural Swaziland


Clean water saves time and money that can help strengthen an economy because of from improved health, school attendance, and productive capacities. In fact, for each $1 invested, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates returns
of $3-$34, depending on the region and technology. Learn more about the ripple effect clean water and sanitation has on the community here!



Check in next week for updates on the Swaziland water project that we just visited, and to learn more about the artisans who the project supports.






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