Montserrado, Margibi, and Rivercess Counties

In 2012, Voss Foundation, in conjunction with FACE Africa,  brought clean water and hygiene practices to the Hope Mission School located in the Bernard Farm Community in Paynesville, Liberia.  The project includes the implementation of two latrines and hand washing stations as well as one drilled well only a sixty second walk from the school buildings.

A country infested with poverty and malnutrition as a result of a 10 year civil war, Liberia is a country in need of help.  Education has been restricted as a result of postwar economy, with roughly 80% of schools, health service structures, water wells and sanitation facilities devastated since 1998 (EO Earth).  In reaction, USAID, in accordance with the CDC, began implementing the WASH campaign in Liberia, a strategy which will be used in the installation and maintenance of our project’s well.  The program began in February 2010, hoping to bring clean water to the 68% of Liberians who rely on untreated wells, rivers, ponds, creeks and swamps for drinking water (Global Envision), and thus decrease poverty and disease and boost economic development.

Paynesville, located in Montesserado county and lying just east of Monrovia, the country’s capital city, has been plagued by the country’s post civil war economy.  With little access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation systems, the country has been labeled by the CDC as a prime target for their Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (“WASH”) campaign, whose program guidelines are executed through our project at the Hope Mission School.

With the help of our implementation partners and the Gunii Creek United Development Association, Inc., and per WASH guidelines, we installed a water system for the Bernard Farm Community comprised of a hand-dug well with a manual pump, a six-compartment latrine and hand-washing station with storage room. The project at the Hope Mission School, completed in December 2011, not only brought clean water and sanitation systems to the school, but also trained the community on proper WASH practices.  This education included the creation of a health club within the school to endorse clean hygiene practices for the children to carry out.   In addition and crucial to the vitality of the well, community members were be taught pump mechanics and WASH facilities management to ensure the well is in proper working condition at all times.  Additionally, the project provided for the formation of a Health Club at the school, a WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) Service Management Committee in the community, and the training of three pump mechanics.With the help of these programs, not only will the children of the Hope Mission School have access to clean water and latrines, they and the community will be able take part in the future of their society and its access to potable water.

In 2013, Voss Foundation extended our partnership with FACE Africa through two new projects in Margibi and Rivercess counties, expanding our impact in Liberia.

Projects in Liberia:


Local Partner: FACE Africa

Project Type: Installation of one hand dug well with hand pump and hand washing station, training of committee to oversee maintenance of well, creation of school health club to teach proper hygiene practices

Water Access Points: Hope Mission School hand pump, hand washing station

Sanitation facilities: 6 latrines

Funding Source: Women Helping Women

Completion report: Hope Misson School


Kpor Town

Local Partner: FACE Africa

Project Type: construction and installation of hand dug well with hand pump, latrines and hand washing stations, training of committee to oversee maintenance of well

Water Access Points: hand pump; 2 hand washing stations

Sanitation facilities: 2 men’s latrines;  2 women’s latrines

Funding Source: Lene Maria for Rent Vann

Project Description: Kpor Town


Cestos City, James Town, Mendeh, Toby Town, Sengblog

Local Partner: FACE Africa

Project Type: construction of 3 new hand dug wells with hand pumps and rehabilitation of 2 wells with new hand pumps installed, training of committees to oversee maintenance of wells in each community

Water Access Points: 5 hand pumps

Funding Source: Lene Maria for Rent Vann

Project Description: Rivercess

James Town Annex

Local Partner: FACE Africa

Project Type: rehabilitation of a broken hand pump, training in proper maintenance and management for the community

Water Access Points: 1 hand pump

Funding Source: Christina Rydland

Project Description: Signe’s Well

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