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The 2013 Lene Maria for Rent Vann clean water project in Rivercess County, Liberia is complete! Rivercess is the third project completed through the Lene Maria for Clean Water campaign. Voss Foundation is grateful for all those who have supported the campaign. Through this campaign, Voss Foundation, in collaboration with FACE Africa, built water systems in five communities in Rivercess County – Cestos City, James Town, Mendeh, Sengbloh, and Toby Town. Each water system is comprised of one hand pump. The project also provided capacity-building through the selection and training of a water management committee for each water system as well as community-wide sensitizations on hygiene.



Located in the western region of Liberia, Rivercess is one of the poorest and most isolated counties. Its infrastructure was devastated by Liberia’s fourteen year civil war, which completely destroyed many water systems. Prior to completion of the project, most residents relied on contaminated creeks for their household water needs.

The Voss Foundation Lene Maria for Rent Vann project in Rivercess now benefits approximately 1,725 community members, and enables women and children to work or to regularly attend school.

Read the final report to learn more about all the ways our water project is helping the Rivercess community grow.


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