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As The New York Times reported earlier this month, the Horn of Africa is currently suffering from “the worst drought in 60 years.” Fortunately, our friend Helen from Milgis Trust has assured us that all three of the Voss Foundation wells in Kenya are working perfectly despite the severe water shortage.

Unfortunately, many people from northeastern Kenya have had to migrate further west with their livestock in search of water and food, which may put a strain on population and resources elsewhere. Furthermore, in her July 24th posting on the Milgis Trust blog,  she says:

“Wave after wave of animals passed us on the Milgis Lugga, heading from East to West.. It was the most unbelievable sight!! Hundreds and thousands of [c]ows, [c]amels, [g]oats and [s]heep were being herded gently by their loving owners, coaxing them through thick ([i]ncredible dust storms) and thin (no water or food) to find greener pastures towards the west… This has been going on for days and days…”

Below are some photos from Helen:

Leading his entire herd further west…

Can you imagine having to water this huge herd by hand like this?

This donkey is carrying his owner’s entire house!

We are happy to hear that our wells are continuing to serve the Samburu people, and we hope to hear better news for the rest of Kenya soon.


If you have any questions for Milgis Trust, please e-mail us at info@vossfoundation.org and we will relay the message to them.

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