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VF-WHW-Oslo-2014-Save-the-date-2014-HighWomen Helping Women (or “Kvinner hjelper Kvinner,” in Norwegian) is a Voss Foundation campaign that has brought together more than 500 champions of clean water in 8 countries to raise over $500,000 to build 18 clean water access points and 155 sanitation facilities, as of January 2014. The campaign started in Oslo in 2009, and has since expanded to include New York, Boston, and San Francisco.

Water is disproportionately a women’s burden in Sub-Saharan Africa. Rural women and girls are responsible for fetching water for their families daily, often sacrificing their own health, education, and futures to do so. Providing women with facilitated access to clean water is an important part of Voss Foundation’s ripple effect, creating an engine for growth that spurs change in a family, community, region, and country.

Supporters of Voss Foundation’s Women Helping Women programs are provided with the opportunity to view detailed project descriptions and reports, budgets and timelines, giving them an intimate relationship with the work they are funding. Women Helping Women participants also keep track of their projects and WHW news through the Voss Foundation’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter updates. These sources are regularly updated with project reports, so that donors can stay connected to the African women and girls whom they have helped as well as kept abreast of the activities of other women internationally who are collaborating in the effort.

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