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Our second Just Around the Corner Art Auction-funded clean water project for the Seren and Kasipo communities in Samburuland, Kenya is “going at full gallop,” according to an update Voss Foundation received Friday, September 13th, from our implementing partners, Milgis Trust.

On Wednesday, September 4th, Pete and Frances went down to Nairobi to collect the solar panels, pump, and controller. On Friday the 6th, they went back up to Nanyuki to pick up all the extra materials that they will need for the panel frames. In the workshop in Nanyuki, they are currently cutting, welding, and painting, to get everything ready for the lorry to take up to Seren and Kasipo. The rest of the material, including piping and the water storage tanks, should arrive by the week of September 16th, and hopefully will be trucked up to Samburuland soon thereafter!




Once the supplies have arrived in Samburuland, Milgis Trust will work with the beneficiaries in the two communities to restore by hand an existing, non-functional borehole at Kasipo, fit it with a solar-powered pump, and pipe the clean water to two access points each in Seren and Kasipo, with an fifth, remote access point for wildlife. As you can see in the photo at left, the children of Kasipo are eagerly awaiting access to clean water!

The Seren and Kasipo clean water project was funded in 2012, but has been delayed by a shortage in materials, which resulted in a several-month wait for the pipes and proper solar panels. This solar water system was funded by our 2011 Just Around the Corner Art Auction with Sotheby’s and Kistefos Museum in outside of Oslo, which raised enough money to fund at least four clean water systems over four years in Kenya. It is our sixth clean water project with our longest-standing implementing partners, Milgis Trust.

Milgis Trust’s founder, Helen Douglas-Dufresne told us “This is an area with serious water problems. High mountains surround the region, but there are no rivers flowing from the mountains. Women from Seren walked 20 kilometers to the opening ceremony [of the Voss Foundation water project]at Urra [to ask for water in their own community]… Seren is situated at the beginning of an important pass across the Ndotos [mountain range], so there are many travellers that will benefit from this water – including pastoralists in their 100s – with their stock looking for grazing.”

The project is meant to be completed by October 27th, when Voss Foundation European Representative Anette Krosby will bring a group of donors to the opening ceremony.

We will keep you updated on the progress as we learn more!

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