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Voss Foundation is pleased to announce a new project in James Town Annex, Liberia, in collaboration with FACE Africa! “Signe’s Well” is a project funded by the personal giving campaign of a former Voss Foundation intern, Christina Rydland. Click here to learn her story!

The James Town Annex project includes the rehabilitation of a broken hand pump and community training in proper usage and maintenance. Through this project, Signe’s Well will provide access to clean water and sanitation to approximately 600 residents from the community of James Town Annex and surrounding areas. Signe’s Well is part of FACE Africa’s “County by County” initiative, which aims to provide complete water coverage to every county in Liberia, starting in Rivercess.

Currently, James Town Annex has only one working pump, which does not provide enough water for all the residents. As a result of excessive overuse, the single working pump often runs dry, so many community members resort to a nearby creek for water. Rehabilitation of a second hand pump will alleviate some of this pressure to assure the water needs of all community members are met.

The one thing I would like people to know about this immense need is that it is real and it is happening every single day. Young girls and their mothers collect water and spend up to 6 hours round trip just to bring back a small jug of water […]. By providing a well or water access point close to their villages, this strain is taken away from the mothers and girls – and they can use their time more productively like going to school or opening up a small business. – Christina Rydland, Voss Foundation Fall 2012 Intern

Click here to read the full project description.

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