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Tusen takk til årets russe-aksjon i Namsos som i løpet av kvelden 21. november 2012 samlet inn 115,953 kroner. Vi er utrolig imponert over innsatsen og givergelden som overgikk alle våre forventinger. En spesiell takk til Hans Fredrik Sandberg og Martin Storø som stod i bresjen for aksjonen på Olav Duun videregående skole. Saran i Face Africa hilser til alle og takker russen for den store innsatsen som kommer så mange mennesker til gode.

Voss Foundation would like to extend a special thank you to the Russ of Namsos, who raised 115,953 NOK on November 21, 2012! We would also like to highlight the efforts of Hans Fredrik Sandberg and Martin Storø, for spearheading the fundraiser at Olav Duun high school. Saran Kaba Jones, Executive Director of our Liberian partner organization FACE Africa, personally thanked Lene Maria for Clean Water:

Please relay to the Bergum Family that FACE Africa and the entire RiverCess County are so tremendously grateful for their support! Because of them, close to 3,500 people will indirectly benefit from this project and because of the incredibly moving story attached to the funding, it’s a wonderful way for us to kickstart our CbC initiative in River Cess. I’ve just met with the Governor of the County and he sends his gratitude and sincere thanks to the Bergum Family. He’s also extending an invitation for them to visit Liberia and River Cess so that they can see firsthand the impact their support have made. He and the people of River Cess would be happy to host them anytime! On behalf of myself and the entire FACE Africa team, thank you again for the support!

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