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Trine Ditlevsen“When I met the women of the Samburu tribe, I was struck by their tremendous strength,” says Norwegian jewelry artist Trine Ditlevsen. “Their struggles and endurance are incomprehensible for us to ever grasp.”

Trine joined Voss Foundation on a donor trip to the opening ceremony of our Swari, Kenya, Women Helping Women clean water project in 2010. The local customs, culture, and colorful jewelry worn by the Samburu women inspired Trine to create the Nijilis exclusively for Voss Foundation. Samburu women wear Nijilis, small metal stars on their foreheads (shows in the photo below), as a reminder of their origin. Their mythical home is Venus, which they hope to return to one day. Four years later, she has designed a beautiful bracelet to benefit Voss Foundation, born from the beauty she experienced on our trip.

“Inspired by the Nijili Star they wear on their forehead, we just took their symbol to another level,” she explains. “In the meantime, while they wait for N’gai [the Samburu deity] to bring them back home to Venus, let’s try to improve their lives right here on Earth.”

“We are incredibly grateful for Trine’s dedication and generous donation! The proceeds will not only help women and children getting access to clean water – the Nijilis also draw our attention to the importance of a common engagement,” praise Cecilie Malm Brundtland and Anette Krosby, Voss Foundation’s European Representatives in Oslo.

Trine’s designs and other #vossfoundationjewelry is available for sale online and at select boutiques around the world. For more information, please contact info@thevossfoundation.org.

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