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The Voss Foundation would like to thank the students of The Lab School in Washington, DC for their empathy and initiative–after learning about the global water crisis and what is being done to combat it, the students decided to join in and be part of the solution!  In conjunction with World Water Day, they organized a fundraising event at their school to help provide access to clean water for people in Sub-Saharan Africa, proving that everyone can make a difference and create a ripple effect of positive change!  The students hosted a concert on March 23, 2012 , entitled “Cabaret in the Commons.” Proceeds from ticket sales, totaling an impressive $740 were donated to the Voss Foundation!

Hats off to the students of The Lab School–we are honored by your donation and hope that your success will inspire other students to action as well!

If you are a student, teacher, or school administrator interested in exploring potential service learning projects, please contact us to learn more.  We also invite you to explore our website or visit us on Facebook to see photos of the water projects we are able to complete with your help.  Thank you, from your friends at Voss Foundation!

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