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Some more updates and photos of our Swari project, from our friends at the Milgis Trust!

The first photo, above is of a meeting earlier this month. It shows the Swari area chief Mr. Lenkaaka giving a speech to the Swari community (mostly women) and thanking Milgis Trust and Voss Foundation for bringing water to this community. He is asking the people to show commitment to this project and do all they can to help in good spirit despite the drought (which was soon after relieved!).

This second picture was taken when the women were given a chance to speak.  One woman passed her gratitude to everyone for remembering them with this project and as she was talking another remarked “shall we not get fat if this is true” and they all laughed.  The woman continued with her thanks on behalf of the women and she promised to ensure all the help they can give in the project.

Pete Ilsley, Milgis Trustee; Moses Lesoloyia, the Milgis Trust Ground Manager; and Francis, our Project Technician, walking the 5 km pipeline from the Laana Nikan (Seiya Lugga) to the village of Swari.

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