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Project evaluation is underway in Swaziland!

Since 2013, Voss Foundation has funded 16 water systems, structural upgrades for 14 existing systems, 420 ventilated pit latrines, and sanitation and hygiene trainings in Swaziland with our local implementing partner boMake Rural Projects (formerly Gone Rural boMake) benefiting over 8,000 people. Of the 16 water systems, 10 have been completed and 6 are under construction.

We want to know what happens to the water and sanitation systems we fund and the people and communities where our partners work. boMake shares our dedication to follow up. The boMake team regularly sends informal updates like photos via WhatsApp Messenger or an e-mail to keep us informed. As a result, we’ve been able see the ripple effect of clean, safe water. Now, we’re taking things one step further by funding a formal assessment.

In December, Voss Foundation funded an evaluation for all boMake’s completed water, sanitation, and hygiene projects (including water systems funded by other donors), through the Charlot D. Malin Commemorative Fund. The monitoring and evaluation includes:

  • site visits to assess the functionality and upkeep of systems
  • household surveys to understand knowledge, attitudes, and practices around water, sanitation, and hygiene, and
  • water committee surveys to understand how the governance and financial management of the systems is (or is not) working.

Once the evaluation is complete, we will discuss the results, both good and bad, with boMake. Together, we will determine what interventions, if any, are needed to improve functionality and management of existing systems and how we can better design, implement, and support future water systems.

Scroll through the photos above to see Phesheya, boMake’s Water Sanitation and Hygiene Officer, and Nhomhle, boMake’s monitoring and evaluation intern, surveying women in the communities.

Thank you, boMake, for your commitment to monitoring and evaluation. A special thank you to Charlot’s friends and family who have honored her memory by contributing to the Commemorative Fund. You truly made this project possible. We are incredibly moved by your support and humbled to have worked alongside Charlot, a woman who was loved and respected by so many.

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