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Mark Borghi Fine Art

2426 Main Street Bridgehampton, NY Saturday, August 28th 6 – 9 pm

Please join the Voss Foundation to celebrate the opening night of The Dogon exhibit at the Bridgehampton, NY location of renowned Mark Borghi Fine Art.

100% of proceeds of sales of The Dogon photographs go directly to the Voss Foundation.

RSVP to jaimie@borghi.org or by calling 631.537.7245

Special thanks to our sponsors: Rutherford Wine and Voss Water

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For Immediate Release:

Mark Borghi Fine Art will host the exhibit and opening reception of “The Dogon: A limited edition series of photographs by Stuart Franklin” on Saturday, August 28th 2010 from 6-9 pm at 2426 Main Street, Bridgehampton, NY. 100% of sales will go to the Voss Foundation, whose mission is to help provide rural African villages with access to clean water.

The exhibition will feature the limited-edition series of high-quality photographs depicting the life of a desert landscape, where water is paramount in the daily struggle to survive. On average, a rural African household spends more than 25 percent of its time fetching water, a burden shouldered primarily by women and children. Nearly five thousand children die each day from preventable diseases due to unclean water and inadequate sanitation – more than HIV/AIDS, malaria, and measles combined.

The Voss Foundation is dedicated to providing access to pure, clean drinking water to rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Voss Foundation ensures local ownership and long-term sustainability through partnerships with trusted organizations on the ground, use of appropriate technology, and through systems that assess the multiple water requirements of a community. Their primary targets are women and children, with a special focus on adolescent girls – an often overlooked and under-serviced demographic that is particularly at risk.

Voss Foundation projects primarily involve a combination of well-digging and -creation or  rehabilitation, pumping, and piping. Secondary water-related aspects are based on local requests and range from bringing clean water to schools and infirmaries, to agriculture and irrigation, to micro-finance and education based on new resources, time, or money made available by the presence and proximity of clean water. They incorporate both environmental consideration and the lasting success of the projects into villages’ requirements to create a comprehensive project that meets diverse water needs. Founded by VOSS of Norway ASA as an independent 501(c)(3) public charity, the Voss Foundation has offices in New York and Oslo, and is currently working on projects in Kenya, Mali, Ethiopia, and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In 2009, renowned Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin was commissioned by the Voss Foundation to photograph its work in the Dogon region of Mali. The purpose of the mission was both to document the Voss Foundation’s successful water projects in the area and to increase awareness of the global water crisis. Stuart Franklin lives in London and is one of the world’s most recognized documentary photographers. Franklin is best known for his iconic image of a lone protester defying the tanks in Tiananmen Square in Beijing during the student uprising in 1989. He has been president of the Magnum Photos, the world’s oldest photo agency, and is still an active photographer in the association. During Franklin’s career he has produced numerous photo books, exhibitions, and journalistic series for publications such as National Geographic.

Mark Borghi has generously offered to waive the gallery’s commissions to allow 100% of proceeds from the print sales to benefit the Voss Foundation and contribute to its work saving lives with new water projects. The fifteen photographs, signed and numbered, are available in two different sizes for $3000 and $5000. Proceeds from the print run can fund up to ten more water projects. The photographs have been displayed around the world from Olso to Miami, and purchased by both international art collectors and philanthropists.

For more information, please contact:

Voss Foundation, info@thevossfoundation.org

Mark Borghi Fine Art, Jaimie@borghi.org

Magnum Photographs, song@magnumphotos.com

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