When We Build a Well



With access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hand-washing infrastructure, and hygienic medical facilities, Voss Foundation’s work improves community health, including maternal and child care…

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Providing their families with water is a daily struggle for women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa, but Voss Foundation projects enable females to pursue education and income-generating activities, as well as preventing the possibility of attack while walking long distances…

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Drought is the number one cause of food shortages in developing countries, and has caused more deaths in the past 100 years than any other natural disaster. With help from Voss Foundation, communities can grow and prepare healthier food…

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The number of hours children spend in school is inversely proportional to the number of hours needed to gather water for essential daily needs. The WHO estimates that investment in clean water yields an additional 272 million school attendance days per year….

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Africa alone sustains estimated losses of $28.4 billion a year due to lack of access to safe water and basic sanitation, or a staggering 5% of total GDP. That’s why Voss Foundation views our work as an impact investment in a community, providing an engine for growth…

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