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The Voss Foundation clean water project in Toby Town, part of our larger project to bring clean water to five communities in Rivercess County, Liberia – funded by Lene Maria for Clean Water – is well under way! Once complete, the Toby Town handpump will provide 500 people with clean water access!

There has been no hand pump in the Toby Town community since its establishment. The current water condition of the town is poor and inadequate, with residents using water from a small nearby creek for washing, cooking, drinking, bathing and other needs. After Rivercess county authorities highlighted Toby Town as marginalized and under-served in water and sanitation, our local implementing partner, FACE Africa conducted their own needs assessment by visiting the town, speaking to the locals to get firsthand accounts of their water challenges and needs, and visiting their current source of water.

According to residents, over five local and international organizations, including the Liberian National Red Cross, have tried and failed to construct a hand pump in the area, due to flat bedrock encountered after reaching a depth of 10 ft. Most of the town sits on this bedrock formation. FACE Africa, along with their implementing partner GCUDA, conducted a technical assessment to determine an alternative method to bring clean water to Toby Town.

They consulted with residents of Toby Town to determine the locations that had been attempted before, and conducted further assessment of the area. GPS (Global Positioning System) water point determination tests concluded it was not feasible to construct a hand dug well on the majority of the community land, due to the topography of the area. The suggested solution was to construct the well at a lower sloping part of the town, which is currently being implemented.

The community has been involved from the beginning stages of the project, by providing FACE Africa’s technicians with information about previous attempts, knowledge on the topography of the land, and pledges to provide local resources, designating sites for the collection of sand, rock and other materials. The community also organized themselves in groups for specific tasks such as digging, transporting materials and supplies, formation of the water committee, etc.

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