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Voss Foundation received an update from our implementing partner, FACE Africa, on “Signe’s Well,” our project in James Town Annex, Liberia. “Signe’s Well” is a project funded by the personal giving campaign of our former intern, Christina Rydland.

James Town Annex is one of the three town annexes located in James Town, Rivercess District, where Voss Foundation has already completed a rehabilitation project.

Currently, only one of two hand pumps in James Town Annex is functioning. As a result of excessive overuse, the single working pump often runs dry, so many community members resort to use of water from a nearby creek for their daily needs. Rehabilitation of the second hand pump will alleviate some of this pressure on the first pump to assure the water needs of all community members are met.

LBR_JTownAnnex_07-22-13_well_construction_2Annie Gaye, resident of James Town Annex and mother of two children, expressed her happiness about the rehabilitation of the hand pump. For the last three years, clean water has been distributed on a “first come first serve” basis, due to the pressure placed on the one functioning hand pump. Because Mrs. Gaye had to take care of her two children every morning, she was unable to be at the hand pump on time to collect clean water. To show her appreciation and commitment to the maintenance of the newly rehabilitated hand pump, Mrs. Gaye sweeps around the pump daily to facilitate construction, and has promised to manage maintenance of area around the pump after completion.

Our implementing partners report that the rehabilitation of the hand pump has gone smoothly, with the exception of a heavy downpour – a regular occurrence in the rainy season.


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