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We are pleased to report progress being made at our projects in Kenya! See the glowing dispatches from our solar water systems up to four years after implementation, from Helen Douglas-Dufresne, of our local implementing partner Milgis Trust.

Update from Latakwen: At Latakwen, the site of our first solar water system in Kenya, Helen reports that there are “lots of happy community members.” Thanks to continued follow-up, difficulty with the motor has been fixed, and clean water is flowing for the members of the growing population. A maternity ward is opened and being served by clean water, providing a safe, professional place for expectant mothers who require procedures too complex to be performed at home.

Children enjoy clean water in Latakwen

Update from Swari: The hospital that the government began building several months ago has been completed! This is just one example of how access to clean water onsite has fostered growth in the community, illustrating Voss Foundation’s ripple effect. The well and pumps are all functioning and continuing to provide safe, clean water to the people who live there. Swari was our first Women Helping Women water project, in 2009-2010.


Update from Ndonyo Nasipa: This water project was sponsored by our Women Helping Women campaign in 2010 and the community continues to benefit from clean, safe water! A dispensary has been built, linked to the central supply of water. The community of over 1500 is extremely grateful for their new water supply. Some of the water watchmen recently spotted poachers in the area and reported them to our local partners. Milgis Trust was able to follow up and escort them out of the district.

Update from Urra: The solar-powered water system in Urra is working like clockwork! Even under cloud cover the system works efficiently, providing clean water to a community of more than 1500 people, in addition to the nomadic populations that go through Urra to gain access to the Ndoto Mountains. Urra was our first water project funded by the Just Around the Corner Art Auction in 2011.

Villagers collect clean water at the pump in Urra.

We believe what sets Voss Foundation apart is our ongoing commitment to follow up on our projects after implementation–the opening ceremony is just the beginning! We have seen over the years how our projects continue to help communities grow, and how the effect of clean water extends far beyond immediate benefits. Stay tuned to hear what happens next as we recount our efforts to bring clean water to communities in Sub-Saharan Africa!


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