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Since 2008, Voss Foundation and Milgis Trust, our longest-standing partner, have implemented 9 water projects in the Samburu region of Kenya that provide water to 10 communities: Kileswa, Latakwen, Lekeri, Masikita, Milgis School and Ilgwe Eldome, Ndonyo Nasipa, Seren and Kasipo, Swari, and Urra – via 31 access points.

Pete Ilsley recently worked with Moses Lesoloyia and Lazaro, Milgis Trust’s Program Manager and Water Coordinator, to calculate how many liters of water our projects produce on a daily and annual basis. Based on their rough estimation, we learned that as of January 1st, 2015 all nine solar-powered water systems may provide over 50.5 million liters of water per year to the Samburu communities – that’s enough water to fill over 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools! 

VF_KEN_MilgisTrust_annual.yield_22Jan15Voss Foundation and Milgis Trust’s water projects are the only source of potable water that is available year-round for these communities, and it’s imperative that proper care is taken to ensure all projects continue to function and provide optimal yields for years to come. All the solar water systems are functional, but all needed repairs, large or small from time to time. Due to the complexity of the systems, the need for specialized skill for advanced system maintenance, and our commitment to follow-up, Voss Foundation and Milgis Trust decided to use the proceeds from the first Just Around the Corner Art Auction held in Norway in 2011 to find a year maintenance for all the pre-existing projects instead of a new water project. We will provide a project description, including an itemized budget, in the coming weeks, and updates throughout the year.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our projects with Milgis Trust, especially the Women Helping Women, Just Around the Corner Art Auction, and Lene Maria for Rent Vann donors.


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