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Voss Foundation staff and WHW donors visiting the well they helped fund in Ndonyo Nasipa, Kenya


“The stamp in my passport says I’m home in Norway, but my head is definitely still in Samburu. The Bergums, the opening of the new source, the camel journey…the Samburus…all went very well it seems and I will never ever forget the smiles on all those happy people in Masikita that got water to the village, the health station and the school.” -Jørgen Roll


Jørgen, a Voss Foundation supporter, accompanied the Bergums on their trip to the Masikita opening ceremony. The experience left a lasting impression! Though you can – and we hope you do! – read project updates online to stay informed of our progress, we always encourage our supporters to see their impact firsthand – by joining us on a site trip to Africa! Donors are provided with the opportunity to visit the water projects they have funded, where circumstances permit, and meet those they have helped empower.



Donors dance at the opening ceremony in Urra


Women Helping Women supporters have previously visited projects at Ndonyo Nasipa and Swari.  Last year, Just Around the Corner Art Auction donors traveled to Urra as well. The experience of visiting the communities, seeing what water access means to them, and celebrating together can be very moving and emotional!


This summer, Casey Eltringham, the South Florida Brand Manager for VOSS Water, will be joining the Voss Foundation team and other donors, on our first site visit to Swaziland! Stay tuned for stories from the trip!



Jørgen with community members at Masikita


The UN Joint Monitoring Program estimates that the failure rates for most water points in Africa is anywhere from 30 to 60%. This is mainly due to the fact that NGOs often build wells and consider the project “complete,” without training the community in maintenance or continuing to follow up with local partners. However, Voss Foundation is committed to the sustainability of its water access points: we consider the opening ceremony the beginning of a long and successful relationship with each community! This is why we place an important emphasis on community involvement and follow-up with all of our projects, even years after completion. We invite you to join us next time we visit!


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