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Georges Malaika School for Girls continues to be a pillar of health and wellness in the Kalebuka community!

In addition to providing a top-quality education, the school strives to educate their students on the importance of proper hygiene.  A local doctor recently came to the school, where he performed checkups and tested for illnesses.  He also advised mothers on the significance of proper nutrition.

In 2010, support from Voss Foundation’s Women Helping Women Initiative  allowed for the construction of a well on school grounds.  The well provides clean water to the kitchen, toilets, sinks, and health facilities.  The well plays a central role in the school’s physical health agenda.


Crops irrigated by Voss Foundation wells yield nutritious meals for students, and the school ensures that they are properly consumed with utensils.

Students are taught to wash their hands with soap and water as well as regularly brush their teeth, neither of which could be done without a clean water supply.

The well’s ripple effect on the physical health of the community is incalculable.  Without clean water, the doctor’s recommendations would have no impact.  If not for the well, the students would not have a healthy food source or even a place to see the doctor – the bricks that built the school were made using well water!

Furthermore, many girls would not be able to attend school because they would have to stay home and help their families collect clean water.  However, a second well was built in the community in 2011 to ensure the availability of clean water for the entire Kalebuka community.

Over two years later, our wells are still in in working order and serving the people of Kalebuka.  We invite you to read more about our work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.



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