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At the opening ceremony in Masikita, we talked with community members about what access to clean water means to them.  Here are some of the observations they made: (1) Clean water is safe for the children and we will not get cholera. (2)With clean water you don’t get diseases and you are able to have good hygiene.

We also asked the women how much time they used to spend fetching water:“A lot of time. Sometimes we return to the manyattas without water because the livestock is so important and we didn’t have time to both water the animals and fetch water. We also have to sit and wait for our turn to get water and all takes very long.


Muliars Lesiokono: “Water is health. Clean water means to me that we avoid many diseases.”


Quality Lelekong: “Our children will get a safer upbringing, without diseases, and we don’t need to spend so much time fetching water. The most important thing is that we avoid getting sick.”



Antonella Lobuk: “Clean water means better hygiene and health. Many children here have died because of unclean water.”



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