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This picture was drawn by a student in the Samburu region of Kenya, in response to the question, “What does water mean to you?” It was sent to us by our local implementing partner, Milgis Trust. We love it because it shows how having a tap near your house and being connected to water is so important. See how the person is actively accessing water from the tap, whereas the two people by the river are standing with their hands by their sides, waiting? For them, access to clean water depends on external forces outside of their control – like the river and the rains – whereas the person at the tap is empowered to take action for himself! Of course, that’s just one way to look at it! What do you see here? What does water mean to you?! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Voss Foundation has worked with our local partner Milgis Trust to bring 6 solar-powered wells and over 21 water access points to 7 communities in the Samburu region of northern Kenya, supplying clean water to villages, schools, health centers, and animals.

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