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Courtesy of the Georges Malaika Foundation

Courtesy of the Georges Malaika Foundation

We are proud to announce Noëlla Coursaris as the 2010 Women Helping Women Honoree!


Noëlla Coursaris was born in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), but went to live with relatives in Europe after the death of her father when she was only five years old. After receiving a degree in business management in Switzerland, Noëlla moved to London and began a career in modeling. Today, she is an internationally acclaimed model who has appeared in major publications, such as Vanity Fair and Interview. Noëlla, however, has made an impact far outreaching the world of high fashion. In mid-2007, she launched the Georges Malaika Foundation (GMF). Named in memory of her father , the Georges Malaika Foundation is dedicated to empowering African communities through the education of young girls in DRC. The foundation’s efforts to solve the education crisis in DRC include providing girls with tuition, school supplies, and meals; constructing sustainable and eco-friendly schools; and offering college scholarships to the best performing students.

Since the launch of GMF in 2007, Noëlla has tirelessly worked to highlight the challenges faced by young African girls and the work that can be done to overcome them. She was a speaker at the Girl Power and Potential UNICEF event in 2009 and has given a speech on the future of peace and women’s rights at the Kinshasa and Katanga Parliaments.

Currently, the construction of GMF’s first all-girls school in the village of Kalebuka in the Katanga province is underway. The Voss Foundation is working with GMF to install a well that will provide the school with direct access to fresh water. This project will allow the girls more time to spend in the classroom and increase their safety. By working with Noëlla and GMF, the Voss Foundation hopes to provide young African girls with clean water, education, and bright futures.

We look forward to formally honoring Noëlla at the upcoming WHW event in New York.

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