To successfully work toward our mission to fund sustainable access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene as a means to enable community-driven development in Sub-Saharan Africa, Voss Foundation supports projects that have a Ripple Effect on communities. We employ an approach prioritizing strong partnerships that enable us to follow-up and maintain a high level of transparency.

We believe sustainable access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) is more than the construction of a new water point or the rehabilitation of an old one. For Voss Foundation, sustainable access starts before implementation and continues after construction or rehabilitation is completed. Over time, it acts “an engine for growth”  that creates a Ripple Effect, as access to WASH is inextricably linked to other sectors of development.

Sustainable access is impossible without dedicated partners who have a long-term commitment to the region and dedication to remaining in touch with our beneficiary communities for years after implementation. Some of our partners do not focus exclusively on WASH, but all need access to access to WASH to achieve their respective missions.

Voss Foundation funds partners, not projects or countries, and we don’t limit the length of our partnerships. We provide both project-specific and institutional support. In terms of project support we fund, in full, projects providing access to clean water and support other water-related development needs. For partners who require it, we may also help build capacity, from how to improve proposals, budgeting, and reporting to exploring how partners can learn from one another.

Once our Board has approved a project, we work with our partners to comprehensively assess and address the diverse water and sanitation needs of each community, with special consideration for the impact on women and girls. We then help our partners implement projects that are technologically, culturally, and environmentally appropriate. We ensure members of local community are provided with the technical, operation, and financial training to manage and maintain the infrastructure. Most importantly, we follow up to track our projects for years to learn about our impact over time. It is important for us to know when are projects are operational, and when they’re not, and to be able to share this with our donors.

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