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At the end of 2014, just as our staff was getting ready to leave for the holidays, we received the most extraordinary Christmas present from Jewel and our friends at Project Clean Water, our Give A Drop partners along with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite: over the course of the year, Jewel had raised over $120,000 for Voss Foundation water projects!

We are overjoyed at the prospects of how many more people Jewel will allow us to help, not to mention at the fact that this is our largest single donation from an individual donor to date. She and her team at Project Clean Water have chosen to put these funds towards several new projects for the Good Future and Hope school and orphanage in Uganda, as well as contributing towards our 2014 Women Helping Women campaign for two boreholes with handpumps in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The projects with GF&H, their second with the school and orphanage, will fund the drilling of a borehole connected to a solar-powered pump, the school’s sanitation facilities, and completing the interior plumbing for the kitchen. They will also conduct training on water, sanitation, and hygiene and proper usage for the students and staff, all in concert with Voss Foundation’s other projects there to ensure the school and orphanage have full access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene when they open this year.

And we are delighted to have Jewel contribute to our Women Helping Women campaign, as a women who has given so much to so many women, especially through her work with Voss Foundation. Having already funded a clean water project with us in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Jewel was eager to continue working there with us and our local partner, Georges Malaika Foundation, deepening her commitment to the community of Kalebuka.

From 2009 to the present, the Give A Drop partnership has given over $206,000 to fund 24 clean water access points in addition to infrastructure and maintenance in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Mali, and Uganda.

We are so touched by Jewel’s incredible generosity and know that the thousands of people who will benefit from the ripple effect she has started join us in thanking her for her gift. Please check back for updates as the project progress!

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