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VF_LBR_JayTown_usage_1Over three hundred people in Jay Town, Liberia gained access to clean water this fall thanks to the personal giving campaign of VOSS Water’s South Florida Brand Manager, Casey Eltringham.

The well, one of the eleven Voss Foundation has funded in Liberia with implementing partner FACE Africa this year, included the construction of a hand-dug well fitted with a manual hand pump, training of a water management committee, and community-wide hygiene sensitization. It is also one of eight Voss Foundation has sponsored as part of FACE Africa’s “County by County” initiative to provide complete water coverage to every county in Liberia, starting in Rivercess.

Prior to the construction of Casey’s Well, community members collected water from a nearby contaminated creek. The road to the creek slopes down a very steep hill with natural obstacles, which made it physically challenging for residents to go up and down to collect water.

Digging the well was more difficult and time-consuming than expected; it took the team three days to work around a layer of flat rock they discovered in order to continue the digging process. Despite the challenges encountered while digging, the team finished the project in nine days and transferred ownership of Casey’s Well to the community at a dedication ceremony on July 29th.

Emmett, FACE Africa’s Program Manager on the ground recently returned to Jay Town and provided an update on Casey’s Well:

“Hugs and smiles were the greetings I received upon my arrival to the town… According to some town residents, the project has made a lot of difference in their lives as they and their kids are not walking down the steep and slippery hill to fetch water again. One women with a smile said, ‘I bought my drinking water gallon can and I can take my pump water in it with me to the farm, for my children and I to drink.’ She also said, now they only use the creek for washing and …bathing. When asked on the question of the current status of the pump maintenance  the town chief said, he has been very straight on the rules that were laid down for the pump usage. From my own assessment, the pump is still in good condition and functioning well.”

As recipient of VOSS Water’s Pure Intentions Award, Casey traveled with Voss Foundation to Swaziland this summer to visit our by Women Helping Women 2012 project, and met our local partners and the communities with whom they work. Of her trip Casey said, “I have taken for granted having clean access to drinking water at my fingertips and this trip to [Swaziland] has helped me be more appreciative for all that I have.” We know the residents of Jay Town, Liberia are appreciative for all that Casey has done for them!

For more details on the Jay Town well, and to see the project budget, read our completion report by clicking the report cover image below.

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