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Our fourth project in Rivercess, Liberia with FACE Africa is complete, thanks to Lene Maria for Rent Vann!

This clean water project has a special place in our hearts, because it was constructed at the newly built compound for people with disabilities in Cestos City, providing access to clean water to the disabled residents. The hand pump was constructed just 12 ft. from the main entrance of the disabled home, which will allow easy access to safe drinking water.

The disabled home was built by RiverCess County to accommodate the growing number of elderly and disabled people living in the community. Prior to the new structure, many lived in dilapidated homes and shacks with inadequate facilities. The new home provides adequate accommodation and is completely wheelchair accessible.

The disabled compound was one of the sites highlighted during FACE Africa’s county-wide assessment as a site in dire need of a water project due to the inability of the disabled to travel for water, and also the amount of time their caretakers spent fetching water, leaving the residents unsupervised. FACE Africa also heard accounts that disabled residents would sometimes go for 1-2 days without water.

The goal of this project was to limit the amount of time the disabled individuals and their caretakers spent fetching water from nearby wells and handpumps. With the construction of this project, they now have access to water right at their front door.

The handpump provides clean water to 75 people.

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