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Photo courtesy of Stuart Franklin / Magnum Photos

This January, Voss Foundation’s European Representatives Cecilie Malm Brundtland and Anette Krosby received holiday greetings from our local contact in the Dogon region of Mali, and a brief update from our projects in Kanikombole and Pel. Cecilie and Anette visited the villages in 2009 with former Magnum Photos President Stuart Franklin, and remain in contact with our friends there.


Karembe Allaye writes:

Vraiment tous les puits à Kani-kombolé et Pèl sont très bien fonctionnels et utiliser avec une grande satisfaction en eaux…. A travers vous transmettez les sincères remerciéments et salutations des femmes de toute la population des villages de Kani-kombolé et Pèl. Mes salutations à vous et toute l’équipe de la fondation VOSS… Merci.

Translated into English:

Truly, all the wells in Kanikombole and Pel are functioning very well, and are being used to greatly satisfy our water needs… We relay the sincere thanks and greetings from the women and the entire population of the villages of Kanikombole and Pel. My greetings to you and the whole Voss Foundation team… Thank you.
The fact that we still receive updates about the communities of Kanikombole and Pel , and the wells we’ve constructed, nearly five years after completion, is representative of the strong relationships we develop with our local implementing partners. In fact, the ability to form this type of relationship is one of the most important things we look for when we vet potential partners. Strong relationships make it easy for us to follow up on our projects and see the true impact and sustainability of our work. We want to know what happens to our water points and the people and communities we work with. Even the most informal updates, like this e-mail, keeps us informed. We are grateful for this continued communication, and look forward to more.
Completed in 2009, Kanikombole was funded by VOSS of Norway ASA and Pel was funded by Give A Drop, our partnership with Jewel’s Project Clean Water and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite.
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